Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The last day!

Today was the last day of our incredible trip!  We can't believe how fast it's gone by, and at the same time we are excited to be heading back to our lives in Canada.

On Monday morning we took the train from Bandung to Jakarta, then a cab to the airport, and then caught our flight back to Bangkok.  We ready to crash when we finally made it to our hotel.

Today we took the sky-train into downtown, since we haven't actaully seen Bangkok aside from it's stunning airport (for reals) and stunning central train station (not for reals).

A day of lasts:

Last tuk-tuk ride

Last chance to scarf down 30-baht mango-sticky-rice

Last cheap pedicure

Last coconut ice-cream 

 Last peruse through the local 7-Eleven.  
(There are literally 3 of these on every city block, and their air-conditioned store provided a safe haven from the heat, as well as a place to break our large currency, the guarantee of cheap bottled water, Magnum ice-cream bars and other fine Thai delacacies.)

On the way home we saw this dog with eye-brows:

Tomorrow morning we have a 3:30am wake-up call, as our first of three flights leaves at 6:00am.  We fly to Japan, then into Seattle, and then finally into Calgary.  

Thanks for reading!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello from Bandung!

We have been here since Thursday night, visiting our good friends Matt & Connie, and their two sweet girls Quinn and Emma.  We are thoroughly enjoying our snuggles with them!

On Friday we visited a volcano that is just north of Bandung, called Tangkuban Perahu.  We were able to drive up to the top and then hike down part of it.  Here are some photos:

We have enjoyed spending the weekend exploring some of the city and just seeing what life is like in Bandung for our friends.  It's be a wonderful visit, and we are so sad to be saying goodbye tomorrow....

First thing in the morning we are taking the train up to Jakarta, then catching a flight to Bangkok.  We only have 3 more sleeps left until we head back to Canada- can't believe how quickly the trip has gone by!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello again!

We were only able to spend two days in Bali, but we made the most of it.  Today could possibly be the best day of our trip so far.  Why?
1. We get to see Matt and Connie in just a few short hours!!
2. We got to ride segways today!

We LOVE segways, and if anyone is trying to think of a really unique and special gift for us, a pair of segways would be most appreciated :)

We are staying in a villa that we found on airbnb.com, and our hosts have been great!  This is us with Morag, who is from New Zealand, but is living in Bali for a year.  They had a great little guesthouse that we stayed in (in the photo below, across from the pool).

Last night we tagged along with them for dinner- we went to a seafood place which we were promised would be "very indonesian".  It delivered.  There were no chairs, and the fish was served with a smile on it's face.  But it was quite tasty!  Look how brave we've become!

I've also discovered a new favorite- banana/dragon fruit smoothies!!  So tasty, and bright purple!

While we were out on our segway ride, there was a large funeral processional that passed by us.  It must have been someone important, because it was quite the spectacle 

Just a few more photos we've snapped....

That's all for now- we head to the airport in a few hours to fly to Bandung!!

Sleepless in Singapore

After we left Kep, we headed back to Phnom Penh to catch our flight to Bali.  We had an 18 hour lay-over in Singapore, so we took the opportunity to check out the city.  We were only out and about for a few hours, so we just grabbed some dinner and then headed to the Marina area to snap some pictures.

We had to get back to the airport by midnight, as the last train left downtown around 11:00pm.  Since Singapore was so ridiculously expensive, we opted to sleep in the airport.  Hence, the title of this post :)  We pushed together some chairs from a restaurant that was closed for the night, and used various items from our packs to make blankets and pillows.  It was not the best sleep we've ever had, but we survived!

We caught our flight to Bali later that morning....and tomorrow we'll do a post about our time here.

More of Kep

Hello!  We are now in Bali, finally getting caught up on our blog.  We will fill you in starting with our time in Kep, Cambodia.

First, the gigantic statue of a crap in Kep.  Crab is what this area is famous for, and we were brave and even ate some crab for dinner one night (neither of us like seafood very much, for those of you who don't know)....it was pretty good!

In our last blog post we mentioned the abandoned French colonial homes in this area.  Here are some photos....

On our last day in Kep we had a tuk-tuk driver take us to a pepper plantation.  Kampot pepper is apparently some of the best in the world, and it was cool to see how it's grown and prepared for use.

Finally, this lizard is called a 'Takae', and there were a bunch of huge ones (10 inches long) near the bungalow we stayed in!