Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hello again!

We were only able to spend two days in Bali, but we made the most of it.  Today could possibly be the best day of our trip so far.  Why?
1. We get to see Matt and Connie in just a few short hours!!
2. We got to ride segways today!

We LOVE segways, and if anyone is trying to think of a really unique and special gift for us, a pair of segways would be most appreciated :)

We are staying in a villa that we found on, and our hosts have been great!  This is us with Morag, who is from New Zealand, but is living in Bali for a year.  They had a great little guesthouse that we stayed in (in the photo below, across from the pool).

Last night we tagged along with them for dinner- we went to a seafood place which we were promised would be "very indonesian".  It delivered.  There were no chairs, and the fish was served with a smile on it's face.  But it was quite tasty!  Look how brave we've become!

I've also discovered a new favorite- banana/dragon fruit smoothies!!  So tasty, and bright purple!

While we were out on our segway ride, there was a large funeral processional that passed by us.  It must have been someone important, because it was quite the spectacle 

Just a few more photos we've snapped....

That's all for now- we head to the airport in a few hours to fly to Bandung!!

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