Monday, April 8, 2013

In Transit....

Hello!  We are currently in Singapore, waiting to board our flight to Bali.  We arrived here last night and spent a few hours looking around the city before coming back to the airport to catch a few hours of sleep. 

It is SO expensive here- for example, a bottle of water in Thailand is anywhere from 10cents to 30 cents.  Here, it's $1.60.  Food and accomodations are no different- at least double what we were paying anywhere else.  A dorm room (which is shared with other people) was $20+ per person, which is on the higher end of any of our previous hotels/guesthouses, which were all private.  For this reason, we slept in the airport :)  We were hopeing to get Singapore Slings here (cheesy, we know), but they were about $20 we passed on that too!  Good thing it's just a layover!

We should hopefully be able to upload some pictures once we get to Bali, so check back soon.

Laura & Tyson

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