Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sleepless in Singapore

After we left Kep, we headed back to Phnom Penh to catch our flight to Bali.  We had an 18 hour lay-over in Singapore, so we took the opportunity to check out the city.  We were only out and about for a few hours, so we just grabbed some dinner and then headed to the Marina area to snap some pictures.

We had to get back to the airport by midnight, as the last train left downtown around 11:00pm.  Since Singapore was so ridiculously expensive, we opted to sleep in the airport.  Hence, the title of this post :)  We pushed together some chairs from a restaurant that was closed for the night, and used various items from our packs to make blankets and pillows.  It was not the best sleep we've ever had, but we survived!

We caught our flight to Bali later that morning....and tomorrow we'll do a post about our time here.

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