Monday, March 25, 2013


We left Koh Phangan yesterday, here are a few last pictures of our hotel and beach.

We've seen a number of neat critters while we've been on our trip so far, we wanted to share the pictures with you!

 A lizard we saw in Chiang Mai (while at our cooking class!)

 Lizard in Ao Nang 

 Medium sized hermit crab at Koh Phangan

 Tinsy tiny microscopic hermit crab at Koh Phangan

Large hermit crab at Koh Phangan (who had chosen the most beautiful shell!)

 A spider that keeps Tyson up at night in Koh Phangan

 Spider Crab in Koh Phangan (click on the picture to zoom in)

 A lizard who had dropped his tail and was half grown back in Koh Tao

 A lizard who was bright red and yellow but changed by the time we got the camera in Vang Vieng

 How could we not include the two elephants (she's halfway through her 24 month pregnancy!) 

 Once again click and you will see the wild water buffalo in Laos

A sun bear at the bear rescue in Luang Prabang

Thanks for reading everyone! Check in tomorrow for photos of our current location, Ao Nang Beach in Krabi Thailand!

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