Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The end of our time in Laos, and our first day in Koh Tao

Since we missed a few days of blogging, I will bring you up to speed.  Tyson was quite sick for the last half of our week in Laos, so these photos basically sum up our time in Vang Vieng:

Tyson didn't see to much of the town :( but it seemed like a fun place where we could have spent a few days.  Since our hotel was a few km's out of town, I had to make several bicycle trips in and out to buy some essentials for Tyson (such as food and water).  Here is our hotel and the beautiful view.

From Vang Vieng, we traveled by bus to Vientaine, and then further into Thailand, into Udon Thani.  We spent the night there and then flew to Bangkok the next morning.  From there we booked a flight to Chumphon, which is near a pier.  This morning we took a 3 hr boat to Koh Tao ("Turtle Island").  The boat was packed with backpackers, and below is a photo of the chaos trying to get off the boat and find our packs.

 The island is beautiful!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh no! Poor Tyson. I hope he is feeling better this week! It sure looks beautiful though. I loved your day with the elephants.

  2. He is doing fine now! Elephants were a definite highlight!!