Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elephants and more....

Sorry we have not posted a blog update in a few days- we have been lacking internet, or a way to upload pictures.

On Thursday we visited an elephant camp in Luang Prabang, and it was an amazing day! We booked a package trip with "Elephant Village", an organization just outside of LP which has 11 female elephants.  We did quite a bit of research before we booked this excursion, to ensure we had chosen the best place (in terms of care and treatment of the animals).  Not only that, but the outfit is set on a beautiful embankment of the river, and the scenery was breathtaking.  

We started the day by getting to know our guide, and learning some of the commands to "control" the elephant.  We then did a ride in a carriage type-thing, and then when we returned we were able to purchase some bananas to feed our elephant.  They LOVED them!  and it was too much fun.  We then stopped for lunch, and after that we did what I was really looking forward to- taking them into the river to bathe them!

After the elephant riding was over, we got to hang out in their beautiful pool.....

When we got back into LP, we crossed the "bamboo bridge" and had a rest in this awesome tree-house bar thing.

We then hiked up to a temple at the top of a giant hill, and watched the sunset.

Then, we witnessed this adorable sight.  A sweet old man serenading an adorable little puppy.  It was quite the moment.

We then traveled down to Vang Vieng, but because Tyson was feeling under the weather, we mainly just relaxed at our hotel.  Today we took a bus down to Vientaine, and then continued on to cross the border back into Thailand.  We are in Udon Thani now, and plan to fly to south Thailand tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in!!


  1. Treehouse bar. I have never heard a more beautiful phrase.
    Sister Ang